Plenary meeting

  • June 19, 2024
  • room M19 - bâtiment Olympe de Gouges
  • place Paul Ricoeur Paris 13eme
  • 10h00 Anna Mosolova (20 mn) : Injecting Wiktionary to improve token-level contextual representations using contrastive learning
  • 10h30 Arnaud Soulet et Valentin Nyzam (20mn) : Statistical measure of representativeness applied to knowledge graphs and corpora”
  • 11h Louis Estève (30 mn) Diversity for NLP: how to measure it and how it may help

  • 11h40 Mini pause

  • 11h50 Manon Scholivet (20 mn) : Discovering MWE using sense clusters and association measures
  • 12h20 Alain Polguère (20 mn) : Lexical Functions: The Naked Truth

  • 13h00 Lunch

  • 14h15 Ioana Ivan (30 mn) : On synonyms and language models
  • 14h55 Hee-Soo Choi (30 mn) : French lexical semantic graphs: enrichment by link prediction and integration in a WSD model

  • 15h35 Mini pause

  • 15h45 Nicolas Angleraud (30 mn) : Automatic coarse semantic classification of noun senses in a lexicon and in context
  • 16h25 Lucie Barque (20mn) : Semantic classes across the lexicon (selon avancement)
  • 17h Point sur le (re-)traitement du corpus Selexini (selon besoins)